Hypnotherapy for Job Interviews

Hypnotherapy for Job Interviews

Hypnotherapy can help give you the confidence and self-belief necessary to achieve a job-winning interview.

Why Interviews are Important

We live in a world where competition for jobs is fierce. In many cases, several candidates with very similar credentials vie for the same position. Often, the successful candidate will be the person who gives the best interview.

However, because interviews can be such nerve-wracking occasions for some people, they fail to do themselves justice.

How Hypnotherapy Helps With Job Interviews

Hypnotherapy helps you achieve a calm, confident state of mind that will allow you perform well in even the most testing interview.

My hypnotherapy interview approach helps people in the following key areas:

  • Building all-important rapport with the interviewer
  • Achieving and maintaining appropriate body language
  • Achieving good eye contact
  • Listening carefully and answering appropriately
  • Being prepared for unexpected questions and situations

During the hypnosis session you can be guided to 'visualise' yourself performing calmly and confidently during an interview. You can also mentally rehearse coping under pressure. And, because the mind can't distinguish between what's real and what's imagined during hypnosis, you will believe you can perform well during the actual interview.

I have helped many candidates perform highly successful interviews.