Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Would you like to lose weight safely and permanently? Hypnotherapy can help.

Being overweight can have a massive negative impact on lives in terms of health, happiness and quality of life.

The only answer we’re told is to diet. And yet for most people, diets don’t work. Weight may be lost in the short term, but eventually it returns, often with interest.

Our bodies regard diets as a form of starvation and react by slowing down our metabolism making it even harder to reduce weight. As soon as we stop dieting, our bodies are subconsciously ‘programmed’ to recover the lost weight as quickly as possible. 

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

The secret of successfully and permanently reducing weight is very straightforward.

We put on weight when we consume more calories than we use. We reduce weight when we consume less calories than we use. It sounds easy and it is.

Many people find it difficult because they've repeatedly told themselves it’s going to be difficult.  

The Results Hypnosis hypnotherapy weight control process works on a number of levels:

  • Removing mental blocks that hold us back
  • Changing the way we think about food
  • Installing good eating habits
  • Building an understanding of nutrition
  • Building self-confidence
  • Changing perceptions about exercise

By following the process, you’ll reduce your weight safely and permanently.

Sessions are available for both individuals and groups. 

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