Hypnotherapy for Stress / Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Stress / AnxietyIt’s perfectly normal and healthy to be concerned about certain issues in our lives. When we’re concerned about something we think rationally, we face up to the issue and look for ways to resolve it. However, when we become anxious about something, we think irrationally, we exaggerate the scale of the problem and underestimate our ability to deal with it. As a result, the problem becomes blown out of proportion in our mind and we become stressed and more likely to avoid the issue rather than take positive action and resolve it.

Stress can often manifest itself in many different ways including; unhelpful behaviour, poor sleep, stomach problems and skin complaints.

Hypnotherapy uses proven techniques to initially help you relax mentally and physically. When we are relaxed we are more likely to think clearly and rationally and make a realistic appraisal of our situation.

Cognitive behavioural techniques used during hypnotherapy can then help you: 

  • change the way you think 
  • realistically reappraise the challenges in your life
  • find and use the inner resources and coping tools you need to reduce stress levels and enjoy your life.