Hypnotherapy for Sleep Problems

Hypnotherapy for sleep problemsIn life we’re used to equating hard work and determination with success. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to sleep. The harder you try to sleep, the less likely it is happen.

Hypotherapy uses proven relaxation and cognitive techniques to help us enjoy a relaxing night's sleep.

Often, people with sleep problems have worries in their lives that they block from their conscious minds during the day. These worries won’t go away until they are processed and resolved in our minds. Until then, the subconscious part of mind will keep presenting the issue to us whenever it can - usually whilst we sleep or try to sleep. In this way the problem or worry seems to 'haunt' us.

The Results Hypnosis hypnotherapy sleep programme will help teach you:

  • Effective relaxation techniques for both mind and body
  • How to find answers to the issues in your life – whilst you enjoy a peaceful and relaxing sleep.